Why Is Sublimation Printing Better Than Screen Printing?

Currently, most of the sports uniform and jersey makers are following two popular procedures to customize sportswear and athletic jerseys with a specific logo, name, or number on the back of the sport shirt.

1. Screen jersey printing

2. Sublimation Jersey Printing

Screen printing is also well-known as silk printing. It is one of the oldest methods of printing uniforms and jerseys. In this process; the ink is poured onto a web screen, and with a roller, it is pressed to pass through the screen onto the sport shirt. Basically, the web screen with poured ink is firmly pressed onto the jersey to get the name and number printed on the shirt.

Sublimation Printing, on the other hand, is a contemporary digital form of printing numbers, log, and name on the jerseys. The sublimation printing process starts with designing the custom number, logo, and name where personalized pictures are created and edited with high-end photo editing software like Corel or Adobe Photoshop.

Next, with an advanced computer printer and heat transferring technique; the custom designs are printed onto the sports shirt easily and quickly. For this procedure; chemically processed inks and polyester jersey are used under a high level of heat and pressure. Through this procedure; name, photo, logo, writings, and even Flag Printing Kerala can be done.

Why Is Sublimation Printing Better Than Screen Printing?

· Sublimation Printing ensures permanent designs on the dress. They do not fade or peel off with time.

· Though sublimated polyester jerseys cost a bit higher than the screen printed outfits; but they last longer and ensure proper quality, permanent prints.

· Unlike the screen prints where the thickness of the toner on top of the cloth can be easily felt; sublimated prints are smooth, thin, and give a suave feel when you touch them.

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