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  • 100.00 75.00

    All our shops and dealers make big demand for this item to make a display flag of all countries.A featured product with hot sale…

  • Cut and sew type of garments are conventional type garment style.We do it as per your requirement bulk in production.Most of school house dress and uniforms are in this type.This is also a customized product so prize depends on the design you submit.

  • 1,000.00 800.00

    For us flags and banners are customized product in the sense that you can order from tiny size to maximum 6 feet width and any feet of height .So contact our office about your flag.Mostly the item is printed on material plain polyester.Any country flags are available after your order.

  • This is a customized product. So the rate is not displayed.The prize varies as per your requirement .Full sublimation mean full computer supported printed design.We can provide your dreams to real . Upload with your own designs at create your own..We can generate any kind of designs which you need.Sublimations can be used in all kinds of athletic items

  • 500.00 350.00

    Golly set as it is available with us in any color any cloth or in any design as per your requirement .If you have any special design to own click on create your own on menu button.

  • 250.00

    Half subli is a computer printed T-Shirt with sleeve and back side with ordinary cloth.Design is to be given by you.So click on create your own to send us your orders.

  • 400.00 300.00

    Providing you the best range of Athliesure Lowers for Women, Sports Lower for Women, Men’s Sports Lower, Women Lowers and Sports Lower with effective .We have variety of materials which prizes varies H/C 250 , P.P 175 , and Super Poly 300 . You can place orders as per your need in desired cloth material..

  • We have a huge collection of mementos .You can contact us for a prize.We can deliver as per your requirement at any size , cost , and design.

  • 125.00 100.00

    Mini Jerseys are minor forms of original jerseys including country jerseys and club jerseys . Most of country jerseys are kept printed for sale . If your required jersey is not displayed on website contact us with your necessary requirement . We will surely make it for you

  • 500.00 350.00

    Referee Sets are only available in plain polyester cloth

  • 150.00

    Damaged Jerseys during production.Only minor mistakes .Customer rejects ,so we put it in second sale.They are not used ones.so quality guaranteed.

  • 100.00 75.00

    We have a bulk range of shots in cheap rate , in any cloth or in any size

  • Stockings and socks are Ready made item easily purchasable as per your need.Its a customer requirement product.We can arrange it in any color any size as per your requirement.

  • 1,000.00 700.00

    We have only one kind of cricket material in hand .The general cloth material is dot-knit.Contact us for more details